Image of Andranoanala Forest

Andranoanala Forest

The Andranoanala in Madagascar is a home to endangered animal and unique plant species. The forest itself, at the same time, is under threat. Together with Zurich Zoo, TREECK® is helping to preserve the coastal rainforest in Masoala National Park and has already planted over 30,000 trees as part of a reforestation project.


The Andranoanala forest is part of the Masoala National Park in Madagascar and is one of the last remnants of coastal rainforest in the region. What is special about this piece of land is that the forest thrives on quartz sand. This creates unique soil conditions on which plants and trees grow that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Endangered animal species also seek refuge here. The future of the coastal forest itself is under threat from illegal logging, hunting and fires.


This is where TREECK® takes action and supports the reforestation of the Andranoanala forest in collaboration with Zurich Zoo. This work takes place at four tree nurseries run by local women's associations in collaboration with foresters from the non-profit organization Wildlife Conservative Society (WCS). On International Environment Day, even children from the surrounding communities help to plant trees. The aim is to raise and plant over 150,000 endemic trees, i.e. trees that can only grow on this piece of land.


The reforestation process is time-consuming: The ripe seeds are collected by hand in the forest and then germinated in seedbeds. The seedlings are placed in individual pots and nurtured in the tree nursery for up to two years until they can be planted out. The area in which the trees are to grow also requires special care: ferns and weeds are cut back by hand every few months until the trees are large enough to thrive on their own. Over 30,000 trees have already been planted in the region thanks to the purchase of TREECK® products.


The project forms an ideal basis for integrating local women's associations: The women carry out important work in the planting of fruit gardens, do weaving work and set up sewing workshops. This also improves the economic situation of numerous families around the Andranoanala forest.


The Andranoanala forest grows on extensive areas of quartz sand. These soil conditions are very special and have led to the development of a very unique forest here. As a result, plant species grow that can only exist in this coastal rainforest. These include the carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes masoalensis or the trees Leptolaena multiflora.

Home of endangered animal species

The Andranoanala forest is not only home to exceptional flora. It is also home to various species of lemur that are only found in Madagascar. The white-headed lemurs, for example, live here. The habitat of these lemurs is threatened by slash-and-burn agriculture, among other things, and the primates are considered endangered. This tropical forest is also home to the endangered and very rare small tufted lemurs.


The reforestation project in Masoala National Park creates a habitat for plants and animals and helps the local community in equal measure. Buying a TREECK® product does good and creates a future: with every product sold, a tree is planted in the Andranoanala forest. This creates the basis for an intact ecosystem in the Masoala region for people, animals and nature.