One Item – One Impact

TREECK® stands for products with impact: for every item sold, we plant a tree or support a comparable ecological project. Durable, sustainable materials provide many years of pleasure. This makes every TREECK® product an effective and sustainable image carrier for companies and organizations.


Every TREECK® product stands for durability and function: for us, this is the origin of true sustainability. Timeless design and high-quality materials from resource-conserving sources further contribute to the fact that our products give pleasure for a long time.


For every TREECK® product, we plant a tree or support a comparable ecological project. By choosing TREECK®, you are also passing on a meaningful commitment, which ensures an impressive impact through economies of scale.


TREECK® focuses on real purpose: through product quality, benefits and a credible commitment. Individually finished, every TREECK® product becomes a coveted gadget and effective image carrier - for companies of all sizes and in all industries.


Where does TREECK® plant?

We support tree planting projects all over the world. Every year we select a region that is particularly dependent on it. You can find our current impact project here

Why are the trees not planted in Switzerland?

The trees are not planted in Switzerland because the majority of forestry in this country relies on natural self-seeding and the forest area grows naturally as a result.

What does TREECK® do to keep its promise?

We have been supporting Zoo Zurich projects since 2023. We receive detailed impact reporting and are in regular contact with the people involved. This enables us to ensure that our promise is kept.

Do­ing good with TREECK®

TREECK® products are avail­able ex­clus­ively through our trade part­ners. Simply get in touch with us: We will be happy to re­com­mend a re­seller or mer­chand­ising part­ner in your area.